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The new Roots Readings site exists to provide New Afrikan people (African Americans) a sure and visible alternative to the greatly flawed science of Dna Testing companies. Before the popularity of the dna testing, Roots Readings, using the Ifa oracle, had been performed for decades reconnecting people to their real Afrikan roots. Roots Readings pinpoint your lineage down to clan and clan name. Roots Readings give details of how your people were enslaved and what they were doing before and afterwards. They tell us of family occupations, the presence of ancient spiritual and physical problems, but more especially the info provides us the solutions to eradicate internal confusion and heal family lineages. The reading also helps us to resurrect ancient gifts such as spiritual empowerment, business acumen, healig power, etc just as examples. The site provides a more explorative aspect to the idea of Roots Readings, Dzoto Readings, clan and family lineage concepts, dna genealogical testing flaws, major ethnic groups that were brought to the Americas and the importance of this knowledge, and much more. Of course, you can pay for your reading below. However, we do request that you do contact us first before paying for your reading. Call us at 877 360 2331 and/or at contact@restorationhealing.com. Copy any emails to daklogan@gmail.com. We truly appreciate your interest and trust in our time proven work. Thank you.


It is great to want to know of your blood ancestral origins. However, dna testing, WHEN accurate (see the article article on Roots Readings.com DNA Proponents Admit Major Testing Inaccuracies in Relation to African Americans), does not give you all of what you need. It leaves you with more questions. Can a dna test give you the exact clan you come from? Can it retrieve your family and clan names? Can it tell you exactly when your people were enslaved and WHY? Can a dna test tell you WHO sold your people into enslavement? Can it tell you what deities your people worshipped, taboos or occupations your people had? Outside of the fact that this can only be done through Afrikan oracles, the dna companies have all but admitted that their testing is very random. You may get one result from one company and another from a different company. As we can see, returning to your cultural roots and its powerful tools of knowing (our oracles) has many great benefits.

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