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About Kilombo Restoration and Healing

Thank you for using some of your valuable time to stop by. We are Kilombo Restoration & Healing. We are a unique online spiritual center providing a professional experience and quality service. We exist to assist those who wish to carry out a asustained way of life based on the healing tools of ancient Afrikan spiritual and cultural wisdom. We facilitate this important life choice by providing an Afrikan market stocked with useful tools such as: books written by am experienced practitioner/priest and king in Afrikan tradition, and spiritual services tailored to each individual's need.

Additionally, for those wishing to delve into the depths of the teachings of our ancestors, we are now offering a four week online class on West Afrikan Vodun. We appreciate your visit and know that your experience with us will be wonderful. For further information or inquiries please contact us at info@restorationhealing.com. Check back often to see what we have to offer our Afrikan family.  E yi so