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Functional Esoteric African Vodun Video Series

  • Ganlodo Monarchy teaches Vodun through its educational branch entitled Ganlodo Center for Vodun Instruction
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Welcome to the first ever authentic Vodun video series conducted by His Imperial Majesty Axosu Agelogbagan Azàsinkpontín Jisovi Agbovi I under the auspices of the Ganlodo Center for Vodun Instruction,or GCVI


The Functional Esoteric Vodun Video Series covers:


The true concept of Mawu Segbo Lisa ("God") in West Afrikan Vodun

The fabric of the universe

The 3 worlds based upon the Vodun paradigm
How humans and spirits function in these 3 worlds
The spiritual science behind underlying ancestor worship
Elevated Ancestors and their functions
Non elevated Ancestors and their functions
Ancestors that trouble their descendants
   a) reasons why ancestors would trouble their descendants
   b) solutions for troubling ancestors
The science behind demonic and ghost spirits in Vodun
What are some of the processes that happen when chanting occurs
What is spiritual pollution? Spiritual immunity? Spiritual immune system? 
Setting up a proper shrine (this is presented after a thorough overstanding of ancestor worship is demonstrated) 
Overstanding words of power in relation to Afrikan language
Overstanding will power from the corporeal and spiritual levels
The make up of the soul
Functions of aspects of the soul and how they work with the conscious, sub-conscious and supra-conscious
Spiritual vibrations in edifices and on land
Overstanding Spiritual healing
How to maintain your spiritual path in the midst of life's challenges
What is spiritual warfare and how to handle it
Identifying the spirits you are dealing with - or the ones that are dealing with you
Vodun Concept of Salawa (Karma) and its impact
12 Primary Pillars of Vodun

Overstanding the Yekplinu Spiritual Beings who work against humans and how to remive them from influence in your life

The Vodun concept of the sacred numbers 1-9 and how they relate to creation

Spiritual Sorcerers and how to recognize and combat them

In this course, Axosu deals with real Vodun terminology using the Aja-Fòn (and some Yoruba) language. Suggested readings that will enhance your overstanding of this course: Ritual Essence of Vodun, Gbesu Wema Kulito, Ajo Inu, Iwakiri, and Fongbe Primer all carried here on our Kilombo Restoration and Healing site.

In this series, the axosu speaks on subjects not even mentioned on the regular KR&H  videos on this site, and subjects not mentioned in his books. This series is perfect for people who are trying to get to the functional aspects of the deeper Vodun mysteries;  especially those who do not have direct access to Vodun adepts, which are very often hard to find. 

This series is 11 lessons, thorough and 5 hours long. The videos are prerecorded lessons that have to be downloaded to your device for viewing.


A perfect compliment to this series is the groundbreaking book: The Kilombo Paradigm: Maroon Sovereignty through Vodun Culture



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Product Reviews

  1. Very good things here 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jul 2018

    I almost feel like I was left hanging but that means this series would have to go on forever. There is so much here and at each step you want more. I really enjoyed the part Vodun Aspects of the Soul!

  2. Powerful 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Apr 2018

    I don't think there is another teacher able to teach this real Vodun like Axosu Agelogbagan. I am very thankful for you king!

  3. A-1 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Sep 2017

    This should or could be a university type of course or lecture. I thought I knew what to expect but was surprised at every turn. The information kept piling up and I must go back over the videos several times. I felt like I was back in college. Great work! And now I will be getting the books.

  4. Great videos 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jun 2017

    The teacher did EXCELLENT work and represents African traditions well. I never knew such Voodoo teachings existed.

  5. Outstanding and useful information 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Aug 2015

    I dare to even seek to find teachings on the African Vodun tradition on this level. The terminology straight from culture, the concepts, etc with no fillers. This information should be sought by all of the serious African spiritual practitioners and Vodun worshippers . It can make your path much more clear and easier.

  6. Excellent Course!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jul 2015

    Purchasing/Content Delivery: The transaction went with ease and the videos were delivered in accordance with the terms outlined in the description.

    Content: This is a very informative course...the Axosu Agelogbagan Agbovi really delivers..after watching these videos, I guarantee you that you will want more! I had high hopes before making the purchase, but I can honestly say that the value and depth of the content was underestimated.

    I read a previous review which gave a very good overall rating of 4.7, but the reviewer felt that it was "just a little bit too short". Not trying to undervalue another person's opinion, but the entire series is 4.5 hours! I did, initially, breeze through the entire series at one time, as most folks probably will do, but similar to consuming food and water for nutrition, it is important to allow for proper digestion for maximum benefit. If one takes the time to truly absorb, internalize, and contemplate what is being put forth you can easily spend several days on one topic...it has been three months since I signed up for the course and I am still revisiting certain topics.

    I would recommend this course to anyone seeking to get an accurate and thorough understanding of West Afrikan Vodun concepts...even if you are already a practitioner,devotee, kwk within an Afrikan Spiritual System!

  7. Outstanding 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jun 2015

    This class is so pleasantly complicated that I find it very hard to describe. Though the product details tell a lot about this class no words are able to express the quality of knowledge received. This is a must have.

  8. Powerful and enlightenig 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th May 2015

    This class aamzed me on so many levels. The fact I have to take days with just one of these videos speaks to the quality and insight. The Axosu, teacher on the videos, is a true visionary. He is setting the record straight about real Vodun. I would highly advise people take this class before they start venturing off trying to learn Vodun.

  9. Blown away 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Apr 2015

    This course is magnificent. I have never seen such real info. The course reminded me of the apprehension I have had with people presenting information purported to be Afrikan these days. I would often have an uneasy feeling and often come away more confused. I felt these info often was not genuine and not based on the real culture the people supposedly represented.

    This course leaves no such feelings with me. The info is thorough and powerful but understandable. There are some segments so deep that I spend hours just reviewing a 10 minutrnsegment of the video. Please sign up if you are interested in Africa and its Vodun traditions.

  10. One more Video One more Star 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Mar 2015

    I feed these videos to my soul they are so magnificent. The care that Axosu takes in his explanations...the clarity. The real African terminology. Mind-blowing. I would give it five stars but I feel it was just a little bit too short. Honestly I rate it at 4.7


  11. Wonderful and Mind Blowing Presentation 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Mar 2015

    The author is an amazing teacher and priest In a way I don't have the right words for this class . But I highly advise serious practitiners and practitioners to be to look into investing in this.

  12. Unique 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Feb 2015

    The best! Challenge anyone to find another class of this type presented in this manner. The Essence of Vodun is relevant today! Life changing experience.

  13. Honored and Enriched 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Feb 2015

    I did not imagine this class would be so profound. The Axosus command of his subject matter cannot be questioned. As I wrote notes I realized how complex these topics are yet the Axosu brought them with complete and simple clarity.

    For two days I have continually rewatched the video that talks about how demons are viewed in Vodun. I have respect for my African ancestral traditions but I never knew that Vodun was so replete with such deep concepts.I am so much more clear now on what is happening in the spiritual realms around me. I am RE-in-love with African spirituality.

  14. Very comprehensible 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Dec 2014

    Honestly I did not know there were so many deep esoteric ideas in African Vodun. This class and the Axosu its teacher has now set the standard for what should be taught about Vodun. I now understand the soul better.

  15. Great class! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Dec 2014

    Outstanding and functional.

  16. The Class of All African Classes 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Nov 2014

    This class is absolutely mind blowing. And honestly it is hard to describe its depths in a review. I have been in Ausar Auset and other African organizations and have been exposed to the best of metaphysical teachers. However I have never seen African traditions brought home so well outside of the way His Royal Majesty Axosu Agelogbagan does in these videos. These are diamond quality videos. There is no reinventing the wheel or regurgitating old info here. There is no borrowing from other cultures and calling it African. He does not even borrow from other African cultures. This is straight West African Vodun. I applaud the Axosu efforts and in his being the first to ever do something like this. The fact that he has command of the Fon language and uses that language in explaining Vodun "theology" is quite impressive. I think that the Axosu teachings are one of the best kept "secrets" out there. Nothing like this exists within Vodun. Things like a soul being taken hostage from the Vodun perspective, unravelling the true mystery of what a ghost is, demon spirits, how Vodunvi truly see God and so much more...all from a direct Vodun perspective. I never thought the day would come that Vodun would be taught in such a deep and yet respectful way. Kudos to the king for his profound insight.

  17. Absolutely wonderful 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Nov 2014

    I have a new love for Vodun and Afrakan culture. I am seeing where I and many others have had the wrong approach to this tradition. This class has caused me to go back through what I thought was Afrakan spirituality. Basically reassess. I am honored to be in this class and privileged to be able to share this with other family members who are receptive including my 14 year old son. I truly recommend this.

  18. A Class in Its Own Universe 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Oct 2014

    This class, hands down, has no peer that I could even compare it to. I understand more about myself from this class. To know the aspects of the soul I now know how and why I am missing a part of me. Also I am now clear on why a lot of the priests are so inaccurate in their readings and spiritual abilities. They do not tap into real spirit. I have suggested to a couple of my priest friends that they should take this class. Ego won't allow it which is sad because they will continually mislead others with their ignorance.

    The growth potential found within this course has been such a blessing. Blessed

  19. The King has Spoken Profoundly again 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Oct 2014

    From the very introduction of this class it takes you into a portal of no return. I say no return because once you start this class and get just a little of its knowledge you realize you cannot return to any of the weaker info presented as knowledge of Vodun.

    One thing that got me were the teachings on wayward spirits, ghosts and demonic spirits from the Vodun perspective. I saw Axosu write on this subject about 10 years ago but in the videos he breaks down the true science. We are blessed to have this man as our true guide in the Vodun tradition.

  20. True Teachings from a Master Teacher 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Oct 2014

    I just finished this class and I am still having to go back over videos from the 1st week. I must admit I thought I was well learned before running into Axosu's works. I read the books and was renewed. I took the class and WOW! It seems Axosu always has much more to give to those who are looking for real Vodun. This class is absolutely amazing! Even if Vodun is not your path if you are a serious student of authentic African spirituality then please take this course. It is worth 20 times its current cost.

  21. In time 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Oct 2014

    The lessons I am receiving are in time on so many levels. I have known about Axosu before he was Axosu. I have watched his growth in spirit and his teachings. The maturity of his deliverance at this point is unquestionable. The content is amazing and reaches me at a time when I wondered about "who would teach the substance of our culture". The Axosu has broken through yet again. I have so many more questions now.....not about the class but more so about the content of the class towards other initiates in particular (I am a Yemonja initiate). 11 years under 6 elders and I never ran into such depth. I guess that is personal (the other elders have left me sour) but I will say his class is top notch. My understanding of what I call soul cosmos is now at a level of heightened sensitivity after viewing some of these videos. And the teaching doesn't stop with the videos. The discussion is supreme. Thanks

  22. This makes me rethink life itself! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Oct 2014

    I came into this course armed only with trust that the teacher of the class knew what he was doing based on word of mouth. However, the word of mouth and even the description of this course does not do the course itself justice! I have been a part of various movements for about 20 years since I was 15. I have been in and still am an office holder in MXGM and I am a Garveyite.I have seen what these newer heads have done with RBG (starting to not be a good look actually but another situation) and I thought I had studied it all so to speak. I became directly interested in Afrakan spirituality about 5 years ago and began studying. I immediately was dismayed by all of the whites in the tradition and how readily our people gave it to them. I also was thrown back by the lack of character in our own people both priests and practitioners.I stepped back a little from the people and began buying the DVDs and many books on the tradition.

    I said the latter especially to say this. All of these books and DVDs and conferences together have never taught me what I have received in just 3 weeks of taking this class. I sit back in amazement. There is no fluff. You can tell Axosu Agelogbagan is simply presented solid cultural info and not intertwining it with fanciful notions.He is not bringing up ancient Egypt like I see many do who are supposed to be teaching us about West Afraka. And like the title says I can literally feel the essence of Vodun. I honestly wake up daily with something new to talk about from those videos. And the discussions are very nice. I send in my comments and questions and receive an immediate reply.

    I mentioned the RBG and MXGM movements because after watching these videos I have come to the solid conclusion that what many are calling is not the root Garvey RBG. I think this class is rooted in the real but ADAVANCED RBG philosophy. It is RBG with integrity and character..professionalism and clarity. What we are calling RBG now has turned almost totally away from what Garvey taught and is devoid of spirituality. It would behoove those that are sincere in these movements to follow my lead and take this course. I could go on and on about this.

    Finally, the recent classes answered a lot of questions I had about what does Vodun teach about the soul and are ghosts and demons a part of the culture...more so what are they exactly. Axosu went deep into these subjects with much clarity. I have never seen anybteaching on Vodun, Akan or Ifa like this. Amazing! I strongly recommend this class to serious students of real (none made up and who are not looking for Egypt) Afrakan spirituality by way of Vodun.

  23. Spirit Science at its Finest 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Oct 2014

    This course will give one the strong foundation on which to build their knowledge of Vodun Science. However, this requires one come with an open heart and a beginner's mind. If what one has previously encountered has proven false or worthless- one must not continue to carry any vestige of it forward. Leave what did not work behind! Start anew -drink and be refreshed

  24. Honest and Packed Full of Knowledge 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Sep 2014

    I would first start off by saying I thank all of our spirit guides for working with the ancestors of Axosu Agelogbagan to allow him to be a great teacher for us!

    I will also say that yes the other reviews here are very true but there is an element that stands out to me - his honesty. I am a spirit reader also (by sight and divination) and I can see a very sincere and honest person prese ting this information. I say that because I have seen just about all of the YouTube "teachers" and "scholars" and the overwhelming majority are driven by ego. The Axosu is pressnting real info to us that can only empower. I am truly into the concept of how the soul interacts with Segbo or the great soul. It is interesting that such Vodun teachings have not been out here before, especially by the ones here in America who claim to be authorities of some sort. I highly highly highly highly recommend this class for the integrity alone. The delivery is awesome. And it does my heart well to be able to look into the eyes of the teacher of this class and say "what a genuine soul I see". Thanks Axosu and I hope to be able to correspond directly with you one day soon. And please forgive my somewhat emotional and poetic review. I am naturally a poet of nature.

  25. deep 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Sep 2014

    I am literally stuck at the word deep to describe what I have seen and learned so far. The terminology use is amazing for me also. This class is genuine. This may not be the forum for this but I have to say it. I ran these concepts across a Vodun chief from Benin I met about 6 months ago. Two amazing things happened that confused me about the chiefs there but yet verified the authenticity of this class I am enrolled in. First thing was he readily verified certain concepts. I asked why don't you all teach these - these are not secretive concepts. He gave no direct reply at all and changed subject. The 2nd thing was that he said he had to go and check the validity of some of the other concepts with some older chiefs and that the concepts he questioned... concepts from the videos... were valid!

    So it appears that some of the most value teachings in Vodun, they have forgotten them! This was strange and a bit sad. And I would not have known it if it were not for the Essence of Vodun class I just started. Axosu, the teacher of the class, is truly trying to bring us back and in a big way. My recent experience with the Benin chief verifies it even more! Looking forward to this week's class!

  26. Best thing I have seen thus far 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Sep 2014

    This is no complaint but the introduction and lesson one are already advanced. I say that to say that it is a good thing I am being challenged on what I thought was knowledge I thought about our African culture and religion. Axosu Agelogbagan presents the information in such a profound yet still understandable way. I am simply blown away by the terminology use of Vodun words. I thought that a minus was going to be based on the fact that some of the words are not spelled out and I was going to have to try to figure out how they were spelled. However, all of my spelling questions were answered when I communicated in the email discussion! Plus I was able to obtain additional knowledge through the discussion. This course is beyond worth its price.

    I realized that my idea of the god concept was shallow at best based on what I thought I gathered from the many books I read on the Ifa religion. I truly am in school. I cannot wait for the new videos for next week! Great job and many blessings to Ganlodo for this class

  27. Almost Overwhelmingly Wonderful 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Sep 2014

    After being around for a while, having a keen eye for quality and truth, and knowing realness when I see it, this class is beyond any level I have ever seen. The manner in which Vodun has been presented thus far in this class is so precise and in line with a natural resonation. Honestly, I feel yet more empowered....and I even agree with the commentor who mentioned that about the price based on that.

    I have been studying a while and I often see people saying they are teaching or supposed to be teaching about an African tradition but they end up not doing so. The Axosu gives raw information based in actual Dahomean culture and knowledge. His use of the actual language is one indicator that he is coming from a real tradition. I am already thinking about using lesson one of this course as a guide for my family.I thank you much Axosu for your dedication and realness.Keep teaching us how to use our SE!

  28. Wooow! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Sep 2014

    It is hard for me too know where to begin. I was excited to be able to take this class with the Axosu. I've been searching and asking for true guidance to learn Vodou. I live in an area where finding this kind of teaching isn't easy and from a Maroon perspective, non existent. So this class is the answer to many prayers.

    The Axosu presents this material in such a clear and understandable way. He covers so much in one lesson, and there's no where else you'll find this learning. We finally have something for us, by one of our own, that is real and easily understood. And what I mean by one of our own, is that the Axosu is very personable. There are teachers that out on airs, pretend to know more than they do, look down upon their students, and really just care about collecting the money. That isn't this class, that isn't this teacher.

    This class is serious, for the serious student, for the person truly on his/her journey. I'm learning so much and we're in the beginning! I'd recommend this class to any serious and sincere seeker looking for the authentic teachings. It reminds me of a Parliament song, the Axosu is giving us Vodou uncut, just like Parliament gives us the funk.

  29. New Afrikan Vodun Classes 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Sep 2014

    After one session I can already see that the fee will not cover the value of the class ...not even close. The angle and approach used by Axosu Abgovi to this is very unique, broad and simple all at the same time. I am very excited as I look forward to receiving the information. . And also excited at the prospect of others learning this information leaving Us the participants with power tools to be used to access Our divinity and culture in ways previously unimagined..

  30. New Afrikan Vodun Classes 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Sep 2014

    After one session I can already see that the fee will not cover the value of the class ...not even close. The angle and approach used by Axosu Abgovi to this is very unique, broad and simple all at the same time. I am very excited as I look forward to receiving the information. . And also excited at the prospect of others learning this information leaving Us the participants with power tools to be used to access Our divinity and culture in ways previously unimagined..

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