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Divine Law within African Vodun

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Gbɛ́sù, or the divine law of the universe, is unchangeable as it is the only thing that allows the present state of creation to exist. There is nothing arbitrary about the gbɛ́sù, since all existence completely depends upon its absolute perfection of operation. There is tuto or order in all creation. For such order to exist, there must be a balancing law of exact debits and credits in all facets of our universe. We are all “reimbursed,” be it good or not so good, for every thought, desire and deed. This reimbursement will usually be in kind, although not necessarily so. The accumulated effects of such a thing is called sàláwá on our tradition. This is what people call karma.

Gbɛ́sù is even illustrated in business and science. In accounting we have the balance of debits and credits; we also have the expected compensation for every honest task performed. In science, we find even more demonstration of the law of equal exchange. For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Energy cannot be destroyed or created (except by a nuclear reaction), only transformed. Each side of every chemical or mathematical equation must be equal.

Gbɛ́sù is not an arbitrary entity. It is not just MáwùLisa’s idea of how a creation should be run. Rather, it was the only reality and set of rules and regulations that could create a universe out of undefined matter. Take away gbɛ́sù, and you immediately return to a condition of pre-creation and chaos.

This set of principles that MáwùLisa found to be essential to establish the universe and to prevent it from immediately returning to chaos is what we now call the gbɛ́sù.

“Learn to overstand the gbɛ́sù, and live in harmony with it. Since this is the basic law of your existence, any attempt to defy Máwù Lisa’s law will always create an undesirable reaction for you.”

One of the most important principles of the gbɛ́sù is its absolute reliance on balance and equal exchange. It is this principle that allowed the Creator to evolve order from chaos. For this reason we have the assurance that order is heaven’s first law, and such order can only be obtained, and equally importantly, maintained by the reliance on balance and equal exchange.

Dynamic equal exchange has to be one of the obvious principles of a just and orderly gbɛ́sù. The gbɛ́sù is just that. For whatever we receive in this life we must be willing, even eager, to make full and just compensation to continue the balancing of the sheets so to speak. This is essential to maintain the necessary balance required by the gbɛ́sù. As we become more and more acquainted with the gbɛ́sù, we come to overstand consequences of attempts to take that which we do not deserve, because under the gbɛ́sù we have not yet paid the price. That is, we were not willing to make the proper compensation to the gbɛ́sù so as to allow it to preserve its required balance. Since the gbɛ́sù cannot become unbalanced, whenever we attempt to take that which we have not earned, gbɛ́sù must take from us that which we have earned previously to compensate it for the loss. This is a hard concept to overstand and ingest at first, but it is the only way the gbɛ́sù can maintain the required universal order.

The gbɛ́sù is the very fabric of the universe. We can either live a life that is at odds with gbɛ́sù in almost everything we do and consequently reap the husks and noxious weeds of existence, or we can learn to work in harmony with it and prosper in every possible way. The choice is ours. The greatest gift we have from MáwùLisa is the ability to make this choice. Thus, we are inculcated to live Vodún, and not necessarily leave it at believing in Vodún.