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Allowing Vodun to Penetrate the Soul

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Vodún, and other Vodún derived traditions, has not penetrated the hearts of the populace. It is true that Vodún has a ritual and spiritual component just as many other traditions. Unfortunately, it seems overwhelmingly that the ritual element consistently trumps the spiritual. In Máwùfe (Afrika) and throughout the world where Máwùfenumeto (Afrikans) are, people indulge in flambouyant outward observances, colorful and attractive singing and dancing, yet these appearances contain no qualitative substance. They are concerned with how good they look, who they impress (usually to impress whites), or how many clients they can attract with such showings. However, we learn even from Vodún that: if your tradition is not internalized and does not enter your consciousness as your very core, then it has no value. If Vodún does not live in you as your very essence, or if this is not at least the goal, then your thinking may be no different than many of those who would ridicule Vodún. Your life must be a reflection of Vodún. It must permeate all aspects of your life. Right now, and sadly for many, Vodún is just a name they like to drop to invoke reactions from people. The question is then asked “And then what?”

In Vodún, we are all messengers of MáwùLisa (God). Everyone is an aspect of MáwùLisa. Everyone is expected to radiate the light of MáwùLisa and serve equally as lamps to themselves and their families. Vodún is a way of life because it is meant to be internalized and lived in word and deed. We learn that our practice should not be confined to services, singing and dancing, possessions and offering ritual prayers and sacrifices to deities, but that it must be integrated into life in such a way that everything that one does and every thought that one thinks become vosa (offerings) in the great ritual of life and creation. This simply means, Vodún is so intertwined within your being that somewhere in your mind when situations arise a voice says “Am I looking at this from a Vodún/Máwùfenu (Afrikans) way”?

The thinkers who composed such sacred teachings as found in the Kpólí Fá, the Ajísíxwé, the Gànhúmehàn, the Hwlengãn, and the very structure of ancient uncorrupted Vodún itself realized the importance of internalizing the essence of Vodún long ago. This is the essence of Vodún.

You must know this: You are a divine soul. Your body is the clothing. Much of what is presented to you is illusion. Do your given duty to MáwùLisa, the hùn (deities) and Kulito (Ancestors) and at least be able then to look at the change and progress in Your reality.

Rituals and divinations are very powerful, but they should not be practiced at the expense of self-transformation and personal elevation.