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Yovo Opioid Problems: The Yovo Gets Help for Their Drug Issues and Afrikans Get Locked up for Theirs

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When Afrikan people use crack and whatever drug, it's a crime. They go to jail or prison. When The European yovo uses drugs and dies (opioids in this case), it's a disease and 10,000 treatment options are presented. It's an epidemic and not a "war on drugs". The police are even given drugs to reverse the effects of the overdose of the European Amerikkkan yovo. We encourage our people to really study history more and relate history to the contemporary environment of our conditions and our relations with the yovo enemy.

If there is ANY Afrikan (so called black person) reading this that doesn't know that these people are still and will forever be our enemies are suffering from voluntary retardation and are a MAJOR part of the problem themselves.