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What is the Kilombo Paradigm?

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What is the Kilɔmbo Paradigm

We are not here to talk about our recent book of the same title, but we want to express our philosophy which is referred to as the Kilɔmbo Paradigm. First, we would like to define certain things. The Kilɔmbo Paradigm is based upon the conscious efforts and actions of the Maroons who never sided with Europeans. Who are the Maroons? They were the Máwùfɛnumeto (Afrikans) who resisted all attempts towards their captivity by Europeans. Not only this, they consciously built independent nations, as outlayer societies, with governments based on Afrikan traditions; including Afrikan spiritual traditions. Thus, they created Maroon societies or nations. In Brazil, these nations were referred to by the Portuguese as quilombos, which is a corruption of the Ki-Kongo term "Kilɔmbo", which means "settlement, encampment, territory, nation". The members of such Kilɔmbos were called Maroons. We at Gànlɔdó operate from the Maroon philosophy. However, we prefer to stick with Afrikan terminology. Therefore, our term for a Maroonage and Maroon settlements is Kilɔmbo. Those who follow such philosophy, and will live in such territories (the latter not being necessary) are called Kilɔmbomuntu; a Ki Kongo term meaning a true human being, who follows their divine self, who is part of the Kilɔmbo mentally and physically.

The Kilɔmbo Paradigm covers every aspect of people activity from its political, to economic, to cultural outlook. The most current figure to inform the Kilɔmbo Paradigm is Marcus Garvey and the UNIA movement he created. Therefore, the Kilɔmbo Paradigm is very "Garveyan" in its approach, yet it considers our current situation from an intergenerational position. The Kilɔmbo Paradigm is meant to be intergenerational and is in no way a reactive movement to external forces.

What does it teach?

First, the Kilɔmbo Paradigm teaches that our goal should be full nujipetọ (sovereignty in the Yoruba language). With the crumbling of one comes the rise of another. If your current "master" is crumbling, then you should be focusing on rising. That is the way of nations.

Obtaining a sovereign space from a small few is not impossible and has happened consistently throughout history. The Jewish Zionist Nationalist Theodore Herzl stated in 1898 that in 50 years the Jews would have a nation-state. He said this would occur in part by them beginning to speak their own language consistently every day all day. This he spearheaded, the language was used, and in 1948, 50 years later as he predicted, the state of Israel was born 33 years after his death. And it must be noted that when he made this prediction and set out on his goal, his people were in bad shape with no real language of their own!

Therefore, as an ancient people who have achieved greater, we can establish sovereignty through the proper paradigm, and that paradigm is the Kilɔmbo Paradigm. Through this paradigm we seek economic, political, cultural, spiritual, and mental sovereignty. Therefore, the Kilɔmbo Paradigm seeks to build collectives with those of a like mind. We do not seek quantity. We seek quality. The Kilɔmbo Paradigm is not for everyone. It is for the select few who are truly ready to rise from the ashes and become an independent people. Our paradigm teaches how to recognize the cycles of time and how to operate within these cycles. Knowing what cycle you are in puts you head and shoulders above the game.

The Kilɔmbo Paradigm is powerfully multi-faceted. It is dynamic and pliable. We tried our best to put what we could in a 328 page book. Yet, this paradigm, this way of life, is much, much more than that. It is not an intellectual exercise. It is a way of life that will save and elevate our families at the same time.

Many will feel this we cannot do this ourselves. There are examples around the world where this has been done among all people. For those that don’t believe, please study your history. We didn’t create Great Zimbabwe, Ọ̀yọ́, the Edo empire of Great Benin that flabbergasted the vulture Portuguese, Ta Mare (“Kemet”)? Did not our people come fresh out of captivity and carve out what were basically Maroon communities like Mounds Bayou, Mississippi and create the earliest New Afrikans (“Black”) banks.

Though this article has been about briefly explaining the Kilombo Paradigm itself, how we plan on obtaining the goals of this paradigm is found in our latest book The Kilombo Paradigm: Maroon Sovereignty Through Vodun Vulture.