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(Video) The Flawed World of DNA - Ancestry Testing Technology

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As we have been stating for years, these DNA testing companies are running various forms of scams on people, especially on New Afrikans. The following articles, and many more, expose these DNA tests for what they are. The only sure route for the New Afrikan to find out who they truly are is through a Roots Reading. Ancestry.com, 23andMe, and yes even AfricanAncestry.com are all scams and these people cannot tell you exactly who you are even when their roulette game seems to be a bit more accurate.

Researchers caution against genetic ancestry testing

For many Americans, the potential to track one's DNA to a specific country, region or tribe with a take-home kit is highly alluring. But while the popularity of genetic ancestry testing is rising - particularly among African Americans - the technology is flawed and could spawn unwelcome societal consequences, according to researchers from several institutions nationwide, including the University of California, Berkeley. Read the complete article here.

How Reliable Are Home DNA Ancestry Tests? Investigation Uses Triplets to Find Out

The sisters were all 99 percent European but the test from 23andMe also showed some surprising differences. Nicole was 11 percent French and German but Erica was 22.3 percent. Their sister Jaclyn was in the middle at 18 percent. "I'm surprised," Nicole said. "I’m surprised because we came from the same egg and DNA. How are our ancestries different?" Read the complete article here.

Inside The Shady World Of DNA Testing Companies

"At least once a week, we'll get a call from somebody who took two or three other tests and then ours, and complains about how different they are. Usually it's 5-20 percent off, but we got an email from a guy showing how in one test he was 7 percent Irish, Scottish, and Welsh, then on another he was 33 percent, and then on ours 45 percent, and he wanted to know what was wrong with everyone. We wrote to him that each test is different because of the number and types of genetic markers used, which can skew data, but he wrote back and said that we were con men."

Another thing that complicates DNA test results: interracial lovemaking. "Sometimes the saliva looks good and we test it, but then the results show something really messed up. We had a few tests where the genetic markers where everywhere, on five continents. It's really rare for that to happen. The percentage points were 10 percent in India, 10 percent in China, 5 percent Native American, 10 percent Sub-Saharan Africa, 20 percent Scandinavia-Norway. You can imagine. I called [some of these customers], I explained what the situation was and went down the results, and what always happened was that they would say yes to half, and no to the other half of the ancestry they knew. When we asked if they knew anyone who fit the other ancestry results, they would say, 'Oh, my husband/wife/fiancee/boyfriend/girlfriend is!'

 Read the complete article here.

The Lies of African Ancestry.com

Igbo Man Takes African Ancestry.com Test and They Tell Him He is not Igbo!

New Afrikan Man Takes African Ancestry.com Test and They Tell Him He is European!

Getting Your Afrikan Identity from Those (or their Technology) That Distorted Your Identity in the First Place?