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New Ganlodo Site and Contact Info

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Greetings to All. We now have a new website for Ganlodo Kilombonu Xotome (Kilombo Maroon Monarchy). Please visit Ganlodo at www.ganlodo.com. Contact us at info@ganlodo.com

(Video) Hungbe - Sacred Language and Its Required Usage in African Vodun

Here is another deposit for the Cultural Clarification Series speaking on the use of sacred language, hùngbe, and clarifying the misconception that many New Afrikans believe when they think it is ok to speak to Afrikan deities in non-Afrikan languages.

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The Real Reason Black Americans and Continental Africans Claim to be Black Hebrew/Black Jews/Black Israelites

In this video, His Imperial Majesty Axosu Agelogbagan Jisovi Agbovi breaks down, in a succinct manner, the real reason why Afrikans claim to be Black Hebrews/Black Israelites/Black Jews. This convoluted phenomenon is directly related to the christian former captive master ("slave master").

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Correcting the Many Errors in Professor James Smalls "Science of Voodoo-Vodun" Interview

We've run across this video a few times and have often resisted commenting. We are sure many have been inspired by it and we do not want to take away from that. However, it is time for us to address various misrepresentations of African Vodun, even if it comes from who many respect as a [...]

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(Video) People Claiming to be so Afrikan who Choose Anti-Afrikan Mates

In this latest video, His Imperial Majesty Axosu Àgèlògbàgàn Azàsinkpontín Jisovi Agbovi I tackles the problematic issue of relationship choices. The question is posed: why do so many people claiming to be nationalists/Maroons/practitioners of Afrikan spiritual traditions often end up with black people who are NOT either? Is this hypocrisy and if so does it [...]

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Abdul Ibrihima: From Being Slave Raider to Being Slave

Abdul Ibrihima: The Enslaved Slave RaidingThe story of Abdul Rahahman Ibrihima is another example out of many of Africans who were slave raiders in Africa who ended up being enslaved.Ibrihima was a Fulani prince from Timbo (in what is now Guineau) whose father was a staunch jihadist king named Maudo. In 1788, his father sent him on a mission with 2000 [...]

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N'ko-Fongbe-English Demonstration: We not Only have Our Own African Languages but also Our Own African Writing Scripts

Yes, We not Only have Our Own African Languages but also Our Own African Writing Scripts!For those not familiar with our work, or are new to the site, the writing script we use is called N'ko. It was created in 1949 by Afrikan linguistic scholar Soloman Kante. He originally created it so that the Maninka speaking [...]

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(Video) The African American DNA Testing Dilemma: Regaining Your Identity Through the Ones Who Distorted It

In this video, His Imperial Majesty Axosu Àgèlògbàgàn Jisovi Agbovi I poses an interesting dilemma for the New Afrikan: the fact that people are trying to reclaim their identity through the DNA tests created by the very people who created the identity crisis of the New Afrikan in the first place.Also, related- check out our [...]

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The Celebration of His Imperial Majesty's 8th Year as the First Axosu (Aja-Fon King ) Outside of Mawufe (Afrika)

Crown Day at GanlodoToday marks the 8th year of the crown of HIM Axosu Àgèlògbàgàn Jisovi Agbovi I and the beginning of the ninth year of the era of the restoration of order and culture in Afrikan traditions. Thus, this is day 1, year 9 of the era of cultural and order restoration. This [...]

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Today the Official Calendar of the Ganlodo Monarchy Celebrates the Haitian Liberation Uprising and Nat Turner's Rebellion

On this day, 227 years ago in Ayiti (Haiti),the great Ayiti Liberation and Sovereignty Uprising occurred on August 21, 1791. This liberation and sovereignty uprising led on to the creation of an independent New Afrikan nation in 1804. The Afrikans of Ayiti struck so much fear in the hearts of their white former masters [...]

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