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(Video) Truth about the Dahomean Warrior Women, Afrikan Captivity and the Power of Àjẹ́ - ߡߌߣߐ

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With the popularity of the Black Panther movie, and the depiction if the Dora Milaje female warriors has come a surge in interest of Afrikan culture, and particularly what people often misnomer as the Dahomean Amazons or Dahomean Warrior Women. In this video, His Majesty Axosu Agelogbagan Azàsinkpontín Jisovì Agbovì I speaks to the use of ߊ߬ߗߍ ߊ߬ߖߍ߫ (the power of àjẹ́ in the Fon language), women's mystery, and how it can be used for or against nation building. He also clears up a lot of misinformation about the Afrikan involvement in selling other Mawufenumeto lee (Afrikans) into captivity. One major point of this video is to clear up the mystification of the Mino, the so called Dahomean warrior women. Who were they? Do they deserve the mythic praise that has been given them? 

Also,did the Afrikans selling other Afrikans overstand chattel enslavement, or were they innocent victims like many are promoting? Was it ok to sell their prisoners of war, especially to foreigners? What are the consequences of the denial of actual facts and events that led our ancestors into captivity?

Part 1

Part 2