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(Video) Real Afrikan Roots Readings versus Fake Roots Readings

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In this must see video, the Axosu Àgèlògbàgàn reveals to us that there are those put here, in Afrika and the US, that are giving false Roots Readings and are not even trained in the science! He teaches us how to tell a real Roots Readings from a fake one. There is a phenomenon going on in Afrika, particular Benin Republic, where priests there are telling New Afrikans from the U. S. that they can do a roots reading for them and many have fallen for it. The Axosu addresses how and why these readings are not Roots Readings at all and must cease. 

What is a Roots Reading

For those that don't know what Roots Readings is, in short, it is the reading that tell you what clan, family, and ethnic group you come from. It tells you what side of the family your soul descends from, if, when and how your ancestor was placed in captivity, what happened with them when they got over here, family taboos, family totem symbols, and more. They tell you of your family occupation before and after being forces to these shores. The above is just the basics of a Roots Reading, properly called Ipilẹ Fa. If you are on the mailing list for this site, you may email us and request one. There will be some screening.