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Today the Official Calendar of the Ganlodo Monarchy Celebrates the Haitian Liberation Uprising and Nat Turner's Rebellion

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On this day, 227 years ago in Ayiti (Haiti),the great Ayiti Liberation and Sovereignty Uprising occurred on August 21, 1791. This liberation and sovereignty uprising led on to the creation of an independent New Afrikan nation in 1804. The Afrikans of Ayiti struck so much fear in the hearts of their white former masters that many of them fled all the way to French New Orleans to escape, thus bringing a large (soon becoming distorted) Vodun presence in New Orleans.

The non-christianized version of Ayiti Vodun is a unique New Afrikan Vodun. In fact, it was the spirit behind Ayiti Vodun that influenced the development of New Afrikan Vodun here in North America. It must never be forgotten that Nat Turner himself was influenced by the Ayiti uprising.

Once one of the wealthiest nations in the Western hemisphere and 100% controlled by Afrikans is now experiencing challenges. However, they will rise through our collective support and only through Vodun culture. 

Today we also formally celebrate the great Rebellion carried out by honored National Deified Ancestor Nat Turner! It was on this day, 185 years ago in South Hampton County Virginia, that our great hero Nat Turner eliminated somewhere between 68 and 76 of the yovo enemy (child, woman, and child) in a quest to set his people free from the yolk of captivity. We are also reminded on this day of the traitors and sellouts among us that are reminiscent of the traitors that told on Nat Turner resulting only in partial success of his rebellion. Everybody does not want to be free. Many still love their former masters just as 185 years ago Nat Turner's Traitor did. Therefore, Nat Turner's Rebellion and fall out events teach us: To successfully eliminated the enemy without you must first totally eliminate the enemy within.