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The Relevance of Distraction when on the Spiritual Course

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The Relevance of Distraction when on the Spiritual Course

In the course of the "rush", we often forget the true goal or purpose. Often self inflicted, we allow the one or two turns in the road to overwhelm our direction. In fact, these turns become perceived obstacles and become self defined and self inflicted (often unbeknownst to our conscious being) limitations. The accumulated experiences, called salawa in Vodun, become heavier over time, hence making failure, or the perception thereof, all the more the easier. What have you been doing? Fooling yourself.

In Vodun, we have a word that is not only a stand alone word, but it also serves to express several spiritual concepts. This is the Fon word/concept lin - being away, delay. We are caught up in what we like and not like as humans. But what we are often unaware of is that distractions have very vital purposes in our lives. They are used to test our resolves. They are used, believe it or not, as fuel for the soul. When we think it is easy all the time we get lackadaisical and often lose our footing. The fall is often deep. When the conscious soul of the person becomes lin then often there is a disconnect from the deeper souls. Situations are often created to cause you to be in the state that the ancient Vodunvi called lin - away, delayed (in progress). The current situation with Syria is a political example of this idea. People in amerikkka are more fed up then they have ever been. However, the distraction of the orange guy who lives in a white house (and others they will create) will easily take the average person into the state of lin, thus removing them from their primary objectives - a major loss of ground.

In these times, we Mawufenumeto (Afrikans) must stay rooted and out of the state of lin. Shrine work (which includes the family), meditation, economic preparedness, physical health routines, kwk are the components of your life's immune system to such.

Axosu-Agelogbagan Jisovi Agbovi