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The Nùnywέtɔ̀nbŭ Triple Overstanding Teachings of the Holy Ajísíxwé

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One of the outstanding teachings found in Ajísíxwé is that of the Nùnywέtɔ̀nbŭ (the Triple Overstanding). It is stated that when one obtains the Triple Overstanding then one obtains the very fabric of the universe. The Triple Overstanding is the possessing and living an active knowledge of: 1) Creator and the deities 2) the elevated blood ancestors and collective Tohùn[1] and 3) gbέsù or the divine law of the universe itself. In these teachings we find that one is intertwined with the others and that there is no partial elevation.

The Triple Overstanding is the One which is yet the 3 in One. Ajísíxwé teaches us that we must seek a true and divine overstanding of these three segments of the One to have a true experience of our own deepest inner being. Ajísíxwé is concerned with what the human being will do in relation to a higher calling. Things such as vanity and ego are strongly addressed in the Ajísíxwé. We are shown that holding on to these will only relegate us to a life of possessing a fettered soul. The Ajísíxwé exhorts us to elevate our minds in order to prepare a clean ground for spiritual development.

The teachings of the Ajísíxwé hearken back to a time of a more balanced and higher thinking society of Vodún practitioners. In the Aja-Fon language, the word ajísíxwé itself means “to be upright, to be in an upright and righteous manner”. Looking at the present state of the world, we can see that we truly need such lofty teachings.

We associate the Blue Jay as the symbol of the Ajísíxwé because it represents triple clarity; soul, heart, and thought.

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[1] The Tohùn are the local deities, many times once human, of the people of a specific geography and experience.