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The Current "King" of Agbome (Former Capital of Dahomey) Honors Descendant of Francisco Felix de Souza - One of the Biggest Slave Traders in West Afrikan History

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The Mentality of Many Continental Afrikans Concerning the Captivity and Torture of Our Ancestors

For those that may need a bit of background information

This article is filled with many things that New Afrikans (those of us in the itankale - Yoruba for "disapora") need to know about the mentality of many in West Afrika, especially the various kings, chiefs and leaders, concerning the captivity and sell of our Ancestors into bondage. However, you will particular notice in the below picture the King of Agbome, Agoli Agbo, sitting with and honoring the new chacha of Agbome. The chacha was a title created in the early 19th century by Danxome king Gezo for the primiere captive trader ("slave trader") Felix Francisco de Souza. De Souza was a Portuguese outcast who made a name for himself as a trader in captive Afrikan bodies. Interestingly, he had many children with Afrikan women! The man that Agoli Agbo sits with, while his own royal wives are forced to sit on the floor, is a proud descendant of this treacherous man.

Another interesting fact is that Agoli Agbo bears the same exact name as his direct Ancestor, Agoli Agbo, who was responsible for selling out the true warrior-maroon king Gbehanzin in 1894, causing the French to take over Danxome!  Therefore, his actions to honor this man, based on how the relationship started in the early 19th century (see the article), is right in line and shows that some things never change.

Why are we sharing this? For once reason, we need to have our relationship with our continental kins-people always in perspective. Too often, we have seen our people here in North America begin to worship those from the continent in a way that they are trading a yovo (European white person in this case) master for a continental Mawufenu (Afrikan) master (see our article Real Roots Readings vs. Fake Roots Readings). Many are doing this blindly and not paying attention to the elephant in the room. Sadly, many of our people here are not aware that many of the leaders (chiefs, priests, royals, kwk) say one thing to them and say just the opposite to the yovo. This does not mean we should neglect our culture. It simply means that one must approach this culture from a personal New Afrikan empowerment perspective. Please read the following entire article found on the SF Gate website entitled An African Country Reckons with Its History of Selling Slaves.