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The Celebration of His Imperial Majesty's 8th Year as the First Axosu (Aja-Fon King ) Outside of Mawufe (Afrika)

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Crown Day at Ganlodo

Today marks the 8th year of the crown of HIM Axosu Àgèlògbàgàn Jisovi Agbovi I and the beginning of the ninth year of the era of the restoration of order and culture in Afrikan traditions. Thus, this is day 1, year 9 of the era of cultural and order restoration. This was marked by the crowning of Axosu Àgèlògbàgàn as the first and only axosu outside of Mawufe on Dokun 8, 6251 (Sep 27, 2010). We celebrate this day not only because His Imperial Majesty was crown on this day, but because  of his extraordinary and unique contributions to the elevation of Afrikan Vodun and Isese and restoring cultural and ethical dignity to said traditions. 

It would be on Voto 16, 6253 (May 5, 2012) that His Imperial Majesty founded the only Kilombonu (Maroon) Afrikan monarchy in the world,  Ganlodo.