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Today We Celebrate the Vodun Serpent Divinity Dangbe

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Today, on this 16th day of the month of Gufon,in the year 6258 of our ancient Vodun calendar, the Kilombo Restoration and Healing family and friends celebrate the hùn (deity) Dangbe. Dangbe is one of the oldest deities reverenced in the Vodun pantheon. Dangbe is time. It is time before time. He is the spirocycle of history and spirit. It is through Dangbe we draw upon our collective Mawufenu (Afrikan) ancestry. Dangbe reminds of our moral and righteous duties to family and community. Dangbe also reminds us that wealth, obtained by legal and righteous means, is honorable and is an absolute part of the Vodun paradigm. 

This celebration falls on the sacred lunar day of Vosa, which is the 5th of the 9 repeating sacred lunar days of our calendar.