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Essence of Vodun 12-Part Video Series

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We wish to reintroduce you to the Essence of Vodun Video Series. This is a 12 video series that breaks down the heretofore unmentioned deep teachings of West Afrikan Vodun. View this five minute excerpt from the introduction.

The Essence of Vodun Video Series covers:

The true concept of Mawu Segbo Lisa ("God") in West Afrikan Vodun

The fabric of the universe

The 3 worlds based upon the Vodun paradigm
How humans and spirits function in these 3 worlds
The spiritual science behind underlying ancestor worship
Elevated Ancestors and their functions
Non elevated Ancestors and their functions
Ancestors that trouble their descendants
a) reasons why ancestors would trouble their descendants
b) solutions for troubling ancestors
The science behind demonic and ghost spirits in Vodun
What are some of the processes that happen when chanting occurs
What is spiritual pollution? Spiritual immunity? Spiritual immune system?
Setting up a proper shrine (this is presented after a thorough overstanding of ancestor worship is demonstrated)
Overstanding words of power in relation to Afrikan language
Overstanding will power from the corporeal and spiritual levels
The make up of the soul
Functions of aspects of the soul and how they work with the conscious, sub-conscious and supra-conscious
Spiritual vibrations in edifices and on land
Overstanding Spiritual healing
How to maintain your spiritual path in the midst of life's challenges
What is spiritual warfare and how to handle it
Identifying the spirits you are dealing with - or the ones that are dealing with you
Vodun Concept of Salawa (Karma) and its impact
12 Primary Pillars of Vodun

Spiritual Sorcerers and how to recognize and combat them

In this course, Axosu deals with real Vodun terminology using the Fòn (and some Yoruba) language. Suggested readings that will enhance your overstanding of this course: Ritual Essence of Vodun, Gbesu Wema Kulito, Ajo Inu, Iwakiri, and Fongbe Primer all carried here on our Kilombo Restoration and Healing site.

The videos are prerecorded lessons that have to be downloaded to your device for viewing. To purchase, go to Essence of Vodun Video Series