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Quotes from the Honorable Nana Kweku (Marcus Garvey ) from his Message to the People

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Message to the People is a powerful collection of 22 lessons originally taught in private to those that were graduating from Nana Kweku's (Marcus Garvey) School of African Philosophy ca 6178 AX (1937). Below are some quotes that influence our current work at Kilombo Restoration & Healing and the kilombonu (maroon) Monarchy of Gànlɔdó to til this day.

The Company One Keeps

"Never keep the constant company of anybody who doesn’t know as much as you or [is] as educated as you, and from whom you cannot learn something or reciprocate your learning, especially, if that person is illiterate or ignorant because constant association with such a person will unconsciously cause you to drift into the peculiar culture or ignorance of that person.

Overstanding Life

"You can only make the best out of life by knowing and understanding it. To know, you must fall back on the intelligence of others who came before you and have left their records behind."

Accomplishing Success

"In your desire to accomplish greatness, you must first decide in your own mind in what direction you desire to seek that greatness, and when you have so decided in your own mind work unceasingly towards it. The particular thing that you may want should be before you all the time, and whatsoever it takes to get it or make it possible should be undertaken. Use your faculties and persuasion to achieve all you set your mind on."

Purpose of Knowledge

"The value of knowledge is to use it."

On Honoring and Recognizing Our Own Title Holders

"Teach Negroes to look for honor in their own race and from their own nation and to serve their own race and nation to get such honors. Any honors they can get from any other race for serving that race they can get from their own for serving their race. Therefore, don’t waste time in that. You can have your own king, emperor, duke, your own everything. Therefore, don’t bow down to other races for recognition

When you have honored your own men and women, recognize that honor before the whole world to let the world know that you honored your own. If the world laughs at those you have honored; ask them if they want you to laugh at those they honored. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If they laugh, laugh at them.

A white king has no more right to drive in a golden coach than your king and sovereign."

On Nation Building and Sovereignty

"Always talk about a nation. Always feel that you see the nation. Use the object lessons of other nations to convince your people of the reality of a nation. The sovereign of a people is in the nation. It is the result of a people forming a society of their own to govern themselves and to achieve their ends. The highest expression of this independence is in the sovereignty of a nation. The flag of a nation is the emblem that signifies the existence of that nation. Have your flag. When other nations exhibit theirs, exhibit yours."


"There is nothing in the world that you want that you cannot have so long as it is possible in nature and men have achieved it before."

How to Deal Successfully with the European Yovo/Oyinbo (so called white people)

"Never swallow wholly what the white man writes or says without first critically analyzing it and investigating it. The white man’s trick is to deceive other people for his own benefit and profit. Always be on your guard against him in whatsoever he does or says. Never take chances with him. His school books in the elementary and high schools, colleges and universities are all fixed up to suit his own purposes; to put him on top and to keep him on top of other people. Don’t trust him. Beware I Beware!"

Stance on Interracial Relationships

"To ignore the opposite sex of his race and intermarry with another race is to commit a crime or sin for which he should never be pardoned by his race. Teach the people to abhor such Negroes. Have nothing to do with them so long as they continue in that relationship. This must be done diplomatically...For a Negro man to marry someone who does not look like his mother or is not a member of his race is to insult his mother, nature and God, who made his father. The best tribute a race can pay to nature and God is to preserve its species; when it does otherwise, it is in rebellion. Don’t be in rebellion against God, nature or your parents that you know of; they came before you and should have known better. Insist on a campaign of race purity; that is, doing everything moral and social within the race. Close ranks against all other races. It is natural that it is a disgrace to mix your race with other races. To split up the race is unwholesome and does not tend to morally dignify the race. It will be a beautiful thing when we have a standard Negro Race."