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News from the Crown of Ganlodo - New Chief Installed

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On this 10th day of the month of Di, in the year 6259 (June 29, 2018), we wish to publicly acknowledge that the kilombo (maroon) monarchy of Ganlodo has officially made a new chief today. Loyal Gànlɔdónumeto (Gànlɔdó family-citizen) Zawesomi Fagbagbe Gukentoci Syexwe became the Azacotogan, or more fully the Azacotogan Adisiboxosu - Chief protector of the crown, right hand to the King for the monarchy of Ganlodo - witnessed by family and friends. Gan (Chief) Zawesomi was fully vested with chieftaincy beads and the oak tree leaf - the Ganlodo NEW Afrikan leaf of authority and chieftaincy. This was decreed in a ceremony carried out by His Royal Majesty Axosu Àgèlògbàgàn Jisovi Agbovi, monarch and founder of the kilombo (maroon) Monarchy of Gànlɔdó - the first and only Aja (Fon) monarchy outside of Aja country (Togo, Benin and parts of Ghana). This chieftaincy is historic in that Chief Zawesomi Syexwe now becomes the first Maroon chief ever made outside of Mawufe in the Aja ("Fon") culture!

The Azacotogan is responsible for the protection of the axosu (king) and the institution of the monarchy as a whole. The Azacotogan is the mouthpiece of the monarch and represents the crown in the axosu's absence. The azacotogan represents the diplomatic expression of the Axosu and Ganlodo in general. The Azacotogan also has a role as foreign minister and chief of cultural affairs and cultural protocol. All communications must come through him. No one speaks to His Imperial Majesty Axosu Àgèlògbàgàn Agbovi without speaking to the Azacotogan from hence forth. There will be no exceptions, especially as the privilege of speaking directly to the Axosu, when rarely granted in the past, has often been abused. This declaration of chieftaincy is binding and is to be recognized world-wide by all in Vodun and Isese cultures.

The Azacotogan title does not follow the Danxome model. It should be known that the chieftaincies of the Aja monarchies that were outside of Danxome rule, or who never really accepted Danxome rule, were a bit different than the system found in Danxome and they were much older (Danxome being founded only in about 5841 AX, or 1600 CE). However, the closest titles that are similar in the Danxome model would be the Migan and Mewu.

Also, on this day starts the weekend yearly celebration of the thunder deities Jiso, Xevioso, and the thunder goddesses Gdade and Ahwansi.