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New Video - Introducing the new book Kilombo Paradigm: Maroon Sovereignty through Vodun Culture

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New Book! Kilombo Paradigm: Maroon Sovereignty through Vodun Culture

In this video, the Axosu Agelogbagan introduces his new book and tells us what it is about. This is the axosu's sixteenth book on our culture. However, this book is unique and different from all of his others. Please look at the video to get an overstanding of what this book is about.

From the product page:

We are happy to announce that His Majesty Agelogbagan Agbovi's latest work, Kilombo Paradigm: Maroon Sovereignty through Vodun Culture, is now available! This profound work is a unique and well researched book. It is unique in that nowhere in Afrikan traditions in the world will you see such an analysis that breaks down the spiritual, political, social, economic, and sovereign thrust of Afrikan culture and how to use it to obtain sovereignty in such a clear cut way. The Kilombo Paradigm is a solid treatise and real solution to that old question: "What will it take for Afrikan people to get back on top?". The Kilombo Paradigm offers a step by step program towards achieving Afrikan sovereignty and obtaining sovereign space. It is based on the concepts of family development, nation building, and full ReAfrikanization. The political thrust of the Kilombo Paradigm, combined with its envelopment within authentic Afrikan Vodun culture and spirituality, lays out a functional plan for economic, political, family, national and spiritual elevation. The Kilombo Paradigm is the answer to taking Afrikan culture to the next level of functionality and producing worldwide respect for Afrikan people. A Kilombo is a sovereign space that was created by those captive Afrikans who escaped captivity and created sovereign communities. The Kilombo Paradigm informs us that we must first create that sovereign space in our minds before we can successfully create sovereign spaces (kilombos) in the world.

Purchase here at the Kilombo Paradigm product page