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(New Book!) Vodun Lexicon and Commentary

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We are introducing you to the phenomenal new publication by HRM Axosu Agelogbagan Agbovi aptly called Vodún Lexicon and Commentary. This is a lexicon containing 800 key Vodún terms, their meanings, and commentary on those terms by the Axosu - an experienced and well known teacher of authentic African Vodun concepts. Vodún Lexicon and Commentary is definitely unique and a first of its kind. This book is intending to compliment Fongbe Primer; the book most of these terms originally appear in without commentary. It is also intended to further our "cutural" overstanding of key Vodún terms so that we may apply them to our everyday lives. An example is as follows from the book:

Mɛsinsɛn - service

In Vodún, service is spiritual, as one can see in the root of the word, which is sinsɛn - spirituality, to honor sacredly, sacred, divine adoration. For the Vodúnvi, to serve is divine. Service is compulsive for the good life of prosperity and growth. We learn that we must give what we want. Want love? Give it. Want praise? Give it. Want riches? Give money. Service is part of the action aspect of Vodún.

Book size - 5.5 x 8.5

164 pages

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