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National N'ko Day Greetings from the Monarchy of Ganlodo

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What the above says in the Aja-Fon language, using the N'ko Afrikan writing script, is:

Greetings on National Nko Day. 

We wish you all a strong N'ko Day.

On this day in the year 6190 AX (1949 Gregorian calendar time), Souleman Kante of Guinea, West Mawufe (Afrika) revealed his N'ko writing script. This script was intended for the Mande people to write their language. This was a profound innovation and millions of Mande today use this script. However, in the year 6255 (2014) adopted this script as its official writing script of the Monarchy of Ganlodo. We found that this script has a direct correspondence with both Aja (Fon) and Yoruba languages - both of which are official languages of Ganlodo. Today is National N'ko Day for the Monarchy of Ganlodo. Today, we thank the spirit and ancestors of Souleman Kante for his great gift to Afrikan people!