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National Bird of Ganlodo - The Blue Jay

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Today we honor the Sìganxe ("Blue Jay") as the national bird of the monarchy of Ganlodo. The Sìganxe is a tenacious bird thay never gives up. Hence, we call the Blue Jay, in the Aja (Aja-Fon) language, Sìganxe - bird of never ending tenacity and resolve. It is extremely protective of its family (family development being an imperative for nation building - at the core of the Ganlodo mission). Blue Jays are very vocal, representing Ganlodo's continuous efforts to speak directly on the truth of our culture and restore "lost" truths: being that Afrikan monarchy who speaks out against the anti-Afrikan degeneracy being fomented in our traditions today. The Blue Jay is very adaptable to its environment which is alignment with Ganlodo's New Afrikan Vodun concept: the common sense and political concept of adapting ancient Vodun to our current historical realty, yet in a functional way. Among many other things, the Sìganxe represents: loyalty, intelligence, energy, industry, clarity, communication and assertiveness.