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Esoteric African Vodun Video Series 2 Videos added - Now Over Five Hours of Authentic Vodun Instruction

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Are you interested in, or have already taken on Afrikan Vodun as a way of life, but you cannot find any real teachings? Do you know the real general term for a deity in Vodun? Do you know what an Ablewa is and how they relate to the deities? Do you know that the ancient Vodun system has a spiritual orientation system older than Feng Shui? Has anyone in the African Vodun system ever given you specific terms for the high science teachings of Vodun? Or have they ever even mentioned Vodun outside of it being a system of sacrificial rituals, singing, and dancing? Do you know what a yekplinu is and how they effect our lives? What about a yedida? What are the three primary spiritual realms in African Vodun and what do they mean to us?

If any of the above has occupied your spirit, you may want to make a valuable investment in the Esoteric Afrikan Vodun Video Series taught by His Majesty Àgèlògbàgàn Azasinkpotin Jisovi Agbovi I. This series is a 5 hour powerhouse of functional information on Vodun one will never be able to find elsewhere. Click the link below to learn more.

Esoteric West Afrikan Vodun Video Series

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For those who had previously ordered the video series at the cheaper discounted priced, we will adjust the cost of the extra two videos. Contact us to find out how the price will be adjusted for you if you have purchased this video series in the past.