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Crown Day - 7th Annual Celebration of the Coronation of HRM Axosu Agelogbagan Agbovi

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Today we celebrate the 7th anniversary of the crowning of our New Afrikan Maroon King, Axosu Agelogbagan! The axosu made history on this day in 2010, Dallas, Texas, by becoming the first and only Gbe-culture (Danxome, West Afrikan Vodun, kwk) King outside of Benin and Togo (the areas where people speak gbe language). In May 2012, he received further further accolades (a second coming home ceremony) from the elders and communities in Xevie, Benin Republic - the land of his ancestors - as the one who resurrected the formerly broken royal line of the Xevie monarchy, which was last governed by his ancestors. Axosu Agelogbagan descends from the royal house of Xwelengbosu - the house of the Ram. As a royal house, this lineage is traced back to the year 1321 CE (AD); 696 years ago.

It should be known that royal blood was not the only thing that brought the crown back to the royal house through Axosu Agelogbagan. He was crowned do to the unique work he has done for Afrikan culture. The axosu is the author of 16 functional books on Afrikan culture (Isese and Vodun), an Ifa Priest, as well as a Priest of several other deities in the Kongo, Isese (Yoruba) and West Afrikan Vodun traditions. 

Below is the first official New Afrikan crown - the crown of Ganlodo. This crown was designed and forged by a New Afrikan and ceremonially placed upon the head of His Majesty Axosu Agelogbagan by New Afrikans (Afrikan born in the United States and descendants of captive Afrikan). 

More recently, the Axosu celebrated the release of his 16th book: The Kilombo Paradigm: Sovereignty through Vodun culture (found here on this site).


  • 16 relevant and functional books on the authentic traditions of West Afrikan Vodun and Isese ("Yoruba religion").
  • The first ever Fon language book written by a New Afrikan
  • First ever complete collection of Odu Ifa from all of the 256 Odu Ifa by a New Afrikan from the United States of America
  • The first to write functional books and publicly provide functional (non esoteric) teachings on the authentic aspects of West Afrikan Vodun
  • Crowned due to merit and accomplishments and not by royal blood alone which he does have
  • The first in Isese and Vodun traditions to teach about the science of Isese and Vodun and the science of spirit in general
  • First King of the gbe-speaking culture to commission the crafting of the Gbe-culture ("Danxome/Dahomey) crown jewels in the Western hemisphere and the first to wear them
  • Widely known as one of the most profound and prolific Roots Readers in Isese and Vodun culture (Roots Readings are those readings that tell you of your family origins and past)