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Aja-Fon Proverb of the Moment - Two rams cannot drink from the same source

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An Aja proverb states: ߊߜߐ ߥߋ߬ ߣߏߣ ߣߎ ߛߌߣ ߘߐ ߕߐ ߘߐߜ߳ߏ ߏ ߡߍ߬ ߊ߬ "Agbo wé non nu sin do to dokpo o mè a" - Two rams can not drink from the same source.  

This proverb serves a good source reminder to the Afrikan that one cannot sit on the fence and be a part time Afrikan and expect to gain the favor of our most elevated ancestors and deities. Misguided allegiance to non-Afrikan cultures and ideology only results in the confusion and chaos that can be symbolized but the inevitable fight that would ensue if two rams met at the same watering hole. The consistent state of confusion exhibited by Afrikans is due to a dual mind that, even when they claim an Afrikan tradition, is constantly pulled in an ancestral tug of war. Things like publicly claiming initiation in an Afrikan tradition, but having American Thanksgiving gatherings (true story) and claiming Afrikan traditions, yet acknowledging January 1 as your new year and doing "readings of the year" at that point are examples of this. A people of this mindset can never be taken seriously.