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Afrikan Woman Appreciation Month at Ganlodo

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Ku do Sun Nyonu Mawufenumeto Wanyiyi (Greetings for Afrikan Women's Appreciation Month)

This is the month of Di for the monarchy of Ganlodo. The month of Di is particularly dedicated to the love, respect and appreciation of Afrikan women. We salute your tireless sacrifices and self giving. We need you all to know that there are real Afrikan men who appreciate real Afrikan women. We recognize your beauty and overstand the flaws. We are all in this together. In an Afrikan crowning ceremony of a king, the king is not validated until sat on the throne by an Afrikan woman and the crown put on his head by an Afrikan woman. One will see the presence of birds on the crowns of Yoruba kings. Those birds represent the power of aje - the innate power belonging only to Afrikan women. The birds are the representatives of the Mothers of the Night. In a male Ifa initiation, he is not validated unless he sees Odu - an spiritual entity that is feminine and represented by a certain physical object.

A Yoruba proverb goes thus:

Awọn obirin ni ọgba ati awọn ọkunrin ni odi ni ayika wọn.

Women are the garden and men are the fence that surrounds them.

An Ifa verse from the holy Odu Iwori Odi says:

Kosi abiyamo ti ko le bi Orunmila

There is no child bearing woman who cannot give birth to Orunmila (the great teacher of Odu Ifa)

Finally, we will say that women are at the apex and base of nation building.