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Praising the Divine Mother in Vodun

If the Creator, the Originating Mystery as the sacred Hwlengan states, is considered the father (by so many), why cannot It be our Mother! If we are the children of a “Heavenly Father”, why cannot we be the children of our heavenly Mother?” This rhetorical question is the basis of why Vodúnvi (literally meaning “child [...]

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African Writing Systems and the Importance of Documentation

Above: Inside of our publication "The Hwlengan"When we look at such cultural statements like Japanese language, it is a powerful reminder of their culture…same with Chinese, Arabs, kwk. We are reminded of the politics of these people when we see their writing systems. When we see the latin script we are reminded of the [...]

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Spiritual Wisdom and Commentary from the Sacred Ajísíxwé - a Section of the Hlwengan

Holy Ajísíxwé Spiritual Wisdom and CommentaryFrom chapter 2 of the Ajísíxwé:“Allow the spiritual wisdom to be your succulent food, and invite measured compassion to be your clothing. The Hùuú resonates in each and every sε.”CommentaryAccording to Vodún, it is not enough to know about spirituality or to be spiritual. One is advised to have spiritual [...]

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Divine Law within African Vodun

Gbɛ́sù, or the divine law of the universe, is unchangeable as it is the only thing that allows the present state of creation to exist. There is nothing arbitrary about the gbɛ́sù, since all existence completely depends upon its absolute perfection of operation. There is tuto or order in all creation. For such order to [...]

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Face the Sun and Breathe

In West African Vodun, we believe that the world was animated at creation by the breath of the great Primordial Mother Nana Buluku.  Therefore, in our practice of African Vodun, we believe that controlled breathing should be a practice of elevation.We believe that a major problem with the world is the misalignment of people's hearts [...]

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