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The Oyinbo/Yovo (non Afrikan ) are Creating Unnatural Earthquakes

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"Lately, life has become a little more unpredictable in the central United States. The region has seen a significant increase in earthquakes over the past six years — some of them capable of causing some real damage — when before there was very little seismic activity in the area. Scientists pretty much agree that the earthquakes are being caused by human activity in the area.

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The Current "King" of Agbome (Former Capital of Dahomey) Honors Descendant of Francisco Felix de Souza - One of the Biggest Slave Traders in West Afrikan History

The Mentality of Many Continental Afrikans Concerning the Captivity and Torture of Our AncestorsFor those that may need a bit of background informationThis article is filled with many things that New Afrikans (those of us in the itankale - Yoruba for "disapora") need to know about the mentality of many in West Afrika, especially the [...]

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The Reason Why your Shrines May Not Have the Power They Should Have

In this video, HRM Axosu Agelogbagan breaks down the real reason why a lot of shrine work is not effective in Afrikan traditions, especially here in the itankale ("diaspora"). The Axosu speaks on how being unequally yoked in relationships not only effect the persons involved, but also the Afrikan community in general. A must see.Click [...]

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Thre Nùnywέtɔ̀nbŭ Triple Overstanding Teachings of the Holy Ajísíxwé

One of the outstanding teachings found in Ajísíxwé is that of the Nùnywέtɔ̀nbŭ (the Triple Overstanding). It is stated that when one obtains the Triple Overstanding then one obtains the very fabric of the universe. The Triple Overstanding is the possessing and living an active knowledge of: 1) Creator and the deities 2) the elevated blood ancestors and collective Tohùn[1] and 3) [...]

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Real Roots Readings versus Fake Roots Readings

In this must see video, the Axosu Àgèlògbàgàn reveals to us that there are those put here, in Afrika and the US, that are giving false Roots Readings and are not even trained in the science! He teaches us how to tell a real Roots Readings from a fake one. There is a phenomenon going on in Afrika, particular [...]

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Real Vodun vs Fronting Vodun

In this video, HRM Axosu Àgèlògbàgàn addresses the elephant in the room. He speaks on how to use your own ori (spiritual head) to measure if what someone is purporting is actual Vodun or Vodun only in name. He addresses differences in real Vodun and challenges the made up concepts out there. Simply put, real Vodun reflects real Vodun practices [...]

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Arab Names and Words that You May Have Thought were Afrikan and are not - Plus One

Many Afrikans are having a renewed sense of self, and in doing so they are returning to various aspects of their culture; some to the point of returning to full culture. Often, one of the first steps in this process of ReAfrikanization is the choosing of a new name. However, in the process, many have [...]

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Friendship and Commitment

Friendship and CommitmentOur ancestors were profound deep thinkers. If we analyze our LIVING languages we will see that thought played out. The language is both mundane and cosmological. I want to share a brief Ìşèşè view of friendship and commitment as revealed by Yorùbá language and Odù Ifá.The Yorùbá view the whole body as divine [...]

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New Video - Introducing the new book Kilombo Paradigm: Maroon Sovereignty through Vodun Culture

New Book! Kilombo Paradigm: Maroon Sovereignty through Vodun CultureIn this video, the Axosu Agelogbagan introduces his new book and tells us what it is about. This is the axosu's sixteenth book on our culture. However, this book is unique and different from all of his others. Please look at the video to get an overstanding [...]

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True Collective Name for the People of Southern Benin, Togo and Parts of Ghana

Some years ago, we had settled on using the term Danxome (Dahomey) or Danxomean to refer to the various Gbe speaking people of Southern Benin republic. However, this is fairly inaccurate as Danxome was only created in the early 17th century, and the “Gbe-speaking” people have been around for thousands of years. The problem arose from the effort of trying [...]

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