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(New Video!) Exclusive 2-Part Interview with HRM Axosu Agelogbagan Agbovi

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Greetings. Be sure to check out this new, 2-part, exclusive interview of Axosu Àgèlògbàgàn Azàsinkpontín Jisovi Agbovi I conducted by Chief Zawesomi of the maroon Monarchy of Ganlodo. A must see. 

Part 1

Part 2

Esoteric African Vodun Video Series 2 Videos added - Now Over Five Hours of Authentic Vodun Instruction

Are you interested in, or have already taken on Afrikan Vodun as a way of life, but you cannot find any real teachings? Do you know the real general term for a deity in Vodun? Do you know what an Ablewa is and how they relate to the deities? Do you know that the ancient [...]

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Afrikan Woman Appreciation Month at Ganlodo

Ku do Sun Nyonu Mawufenumeto Wanyiyi (Greetings for Afrikan Women's Appreciation Month)This is the month of Di for the monarchy of Ganlodo. The month of Di is particularly dedicated to the love, respect and appreciation of Afrikan women. We salute your tireless sacrifices and self giving. We need you all to know that there are [...]

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Quotes from the Honorable Nana Kweku (Marcus Garvey ) from his Message to the People

Message to the People is a powerful collection of 22 lessons originally taught in private to those that were graduating from Nana Kweku's (Marcus Garvey) School of African Philosophy ca 6178 AX (1937). Below are some quotes that influence our current work at Kilombo Restoration & Healing and the kilombonu (maroon) Monarchy of Gànlɔdó to til this [...]

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(Video) True Maroonage Defined

In this video, the Axosu Àgèlògbàgàn Agbovi I, King of the monarchy of Ganlodo, defines and breaks down what true Kilombo-nu (Maroonage) is and dispels prevailing myths and misunderstandings concerning Maroonage.  Part 1 Part 2 Don't miss out on the ground breaking book The Kilombo Paradigm: Maroon Sovereignty Through Vodun Culture.

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News from the Crown of Ganlodo - New Chief Installed

On this 10th day of the month of Di, in the year 6259 (June 29, 2018), we wish to publicly acknowledge that the kilombo (maroon) monarchy of Ganlodo has officially made a new chief today. Loyal Gànlɔdónumeto (Gànlɔdó family-citizen) Zawesomi Fagbagbe Gukentoci Syexwe became the Azacotogan, or more fully the Azacotogan Adisiboxosu - Chief protector of the crown, [...]

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Xevioso and Sakpata Dance Demos

Enjoy these Xevioso (Vodun thunder deity) and Sakpata (Vodun deity of healing infectious diseases) videos.

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National Bird of Ganlodo - The Blue Jay

Today we honor the Sìganxe ("Blue Jay") as the national bird of the monarchy of Ganlodo. The Sìganxe is a tenacious bird thay never gives up. Hence, we call the Blue Jay, in the Aja (Aja-Fon) language, Sìganxe - bird of never ending tenacity and resolve. It is extremely protective of its family (family development [...]

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Aja-Fon Proverb of the Moment - Two rams cannot drink from the same source

An Aja proverb states: "Agbo wé non nu sin do to dokpo o mè a" - Two rams can not drink from the same source.  This proverb serves a good source reminder to the Afrikan that one cannot sit on the fence and be a part time Afrikan and expect to gain the favor of our most elevated ancestors and deities. [...]

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Afrikans in Mauritania are Still Being Held in Captivity by White Arabs

A reminder to our readers that Afrikans are still being held in captivity in Mauritania by the white Arabs - a historical enemy of Afrikan people. Read more in the following article.Mauritania:The Forgotten Slaves

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