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Ganhumehan Vodun: A Living Sacred Text - With N'ko Transliteration of Fon Text (hardback)

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Ganhumehan Vodun the Hardback Clasic Edition (sale ends within hours)



We are happy to present our classic edition of the holy Ganhumehan. This edition is in an elegant 2-column view depicting the complete Ganhumehan in the Fon language using Latin script and in Fon language written in the N’ko writing script of the Mande. This is a sacred book while still being a collector's item due to its historicity. This work is the first of its kind as it used Fon lanuage and N'ko writing script while not using English translations.

Product description as follows from the original softback version.

Gànhúmehàn is a 106 chapters, 2181 verse work representing one of the most adored and important sections of the Hwlεngãn; the Hwlεngãn itself being the most sacred and holy book of Vodún. In fact, this sacred text is considered the most valuable in relation to the larger sacred work. The word Gànhúmehàn connotes being in glorious triump by living through spiritual empowerment. It is the spiritual and inner triumph that should precede the outer. This section, found in the Hwlεngãn, contains chants and prayers of triumph, restoration and maintaining divine order within self and in the world. Gànhúmehàn extols the virtues of living in spirit. We find in it the teachings which instruct us to "hoard only that which represents righteousness" as it is said in chapter 34.



Gànhúmehàn deals with the source of life and how we truly relate to it often without truly overstanding that relationship. It deals with pleasure and plain, the spiritual and mundane, heaven and earth and all of their variegated integrations. Gànhúmehàn is composed of many sacred verses that would later inspire some of the composers of the sacred Kpólí Fá (called Odù Ifá in amongst Yorùbá), sacred proverbs, direct spiritual and wisdom teachings, divine laws, sacred words of power to attract the good and remove the bad, chants to center one's self in spirit and much more. The most ancient of these sacred teachings contained herein date back to over 4920 years ago.

This sacred work addresses the age-old questions: What is life? What is the afterlife? What are they in relation to one another?

Gànhúmehàn deals with the various integrations of life cycles. Gànhúmehàn is the heartbeat of the sacred teachings of Vodún. This sacred work centers on the inner realms of the spirit. Encompassing the deep meanings of spiritual unity, the Gànhúmehàn points directly to the Divine Unity which pervades all of nature and is identical to one's inner self. It should also be noted that the teachings found herein date to a more balanced and uplifting time found within Vodún societies. These are teachings that precede the eventually degeneracy and fall within Vodún societies by several thousand years.

A verse of Gànhúmehàn states:

Nǔ jimakplon no gɛde nú gbɛtɔ́ sisi e ma nɔ xwedò kpojííde nǔkplɔ́nmɛ do we mɛdídá lɛ́ɛ tɔn ǎ, bó ma e nɔ bemá dó hwɛhutɔ́ so do lɛ́ɛ kaka gbɛ́ do towe ǎ, bó kplon mi ma nɔ jìnjɔ́n xa ayǐ xà sà mɛ ye e nɔ ɖɔ fifa slǎmɛ dagbedagbe Hùn ako wú do we te hennu lɛ́ɛ ji ǎ é.

"It is when the human being (gbɛtɔ́) comes into this true knowledge of things does the Owner of the spirit-house come to inhabit her/him. The divine spirits of the deities (hùn) overarch one's soul when rooted in the truth of the divine".

 Why no english translations?

This version of the Gànhúmehàn is written completely in the Fon language of Southern Benin Republic (using Latin script) in the first half of the book and Fon language using the N'ko script in the second half of the book. More precisely, the language used in Gànhúmehàn is called Hùngbè. This is literally the language of the deities. This is a mixture of several Gbè languages, Fon being the largest group of them, containing many archaic sayings and styles of expression. However, the primary point is that in our contribution to the restoration and preservation of the dignity of West Afrikan Vodún, we are literally forcing the readers' minds into an Afrikan framework by not providing direct translations. When one is forced into a true Afrikan frame of mind then one is pushed that much closer to the sacred. No we do not want to nor will we make it easy thus setting up a culture of complacent dependency. However, at the beginning of each chapter, we have provided a succinct description of what is being said in the verses. Written by His Majesty Axosu Agelogbagan Agbovi.

Hard cover case wrap

6 x 9 inches 474 pages

* Cover design by the author His Royal Majesty the Axosu - Agelogbagan Agbovi I






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Product Reviews

  1. Floored by the professional look 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Aug 2015

    This book is on par with any sacred texts of the more known religions of the world.

  2. Quite an amazing feat 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Aug 2015

    I will just say this. I have gone through the book and am very fascinated with the Fon part (cannot read the Nko). But I say with no bias necessary that I have seen and heard a lot of big talk in Afrakan spiritual circled from different priests, writers, etc. I feel like they all have been trying to reinvent the wheel. If they are not bringing this level of innovation that is being brought by books like this then I would say please sit back, watch and learn from this author. This book is completely in our language and our writing. What else needs to be said? And I would dare further say that the community itself owes a great debt to this author who has braved this terrain and took it to another level that is unmatched.

    Professional service and product are definitely great pluses!

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