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E pele o (Greetings to you all). Welcome to our spiritual services page. We have created this space to provide functional and applicable services to Afrikan people ("black" people) based on the ancient indigenous wisdom of West African Vodun and Isese (Ifa/Orisa) traditions. We perform Fa divination rooted in the ancient tradition of West African Vodun to address real life issues. We realize and have personally experienced ourselves some of the many ills that are the result of the spiritual and physical damage that we have inherited due to the Maafa (great disaster/slave trade). Many of these ills and problems have gone unchecked for generations; for hundreds of years even.

These ancestral ills have compounded and accumulated and are the cause of many of the familial and social disasters that occur amongst many Afrikans, especially those who are descendants of those Afrikans who were enslaved. Unfortunately, not due to individual fault, many Afrikans and their families are paying the price for these ancestral ills right now. If nothing is done these things continue to spread like a rapid cancer until the point where the true core of spirit is crushed and the family continues to suffer to a point of no return. Through Fa divination and other West African Vodun cultural methods we are able to assist our people towards states of wholeness.

Our spiritual services available for Afrikan people are:

  • Divination
  • Cleansings
  • Negativity removals
  • Attraction of positivity, peace and love (not confined to intimate love)
  • Ancestral reconciliations
  • Personal spiritual reconciliations and forgiveness
  • Family divinations and consultations to ensure and maintain solid Afrikan families

Clarification: We will NOT make any charms or perform any rituals to gain/to bind a woman or man to you who does or does not want you. We will not perform any rituals to run someone your mate is messing around with out of town. We will not entertain assisting anyone to throw curses on people, attack people, etc. Our services are for self-development and healing, family development and healing, and community and nation building. 


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