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Spiritual Wisdom and Commentary from the Sacred Ajísíxwé - a Section of the Hlwengan


Holy Ajísíxwé Spiritual Wisdom and Commentary

From chapter 2 of the Ajísíxwé:

Allow the spiritual wisdom to be your succulent food, and invite measured compassion to be your clothing. The Hùuú resonates in each and every sε.


According to Vodún, it is not enough to know about spirituality or to be spiritual. One is advised to have spiritual wisdom. To have such a valuable gift gives you access to all the tools you need for the necessities of life. It is wealth itself. This, coupled with measured and tempered compassion, is living with the true essence of the Creator within.

Further, it is said in ancient Vodún teachings that the first utterance projected into the world by MáwùLisa (the Creator ) was "hùuú". It is said that this word enlivened the universe, placing it in perpetual motion until this day. This sound also enlivens each soul or sε. The ancient primordial sound that continues to create is what many have reduced to the de-spiritualized Western concept of evolution. The primordial hùuú is the wave we must ride to empowerment. Click the image below to learn more about this amazing holy text. 

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