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Azanlilen Vodún Ganlodo - The Official 6260 (March 20, 2019 - March 19, 2020) Calendar of Afrikan Vodún

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Re-introducing the much anticipated Azanlilen Vodun - the official calendar of African Vodun. 

The Azanlilɛn Vodun Gànlɔdó is the official calendar of the culture and tradition of Afrikan Vodun. The word azanlilɛn is the Aja (Fon) word for calendar. It is an ancient calendar with adjustments based on a New Afrikan overstanding. This calendar is a guide for our daily dɛxixò (daily temple and household worship), ritual ceremonies, cleansing schedules, and more. The monarchy of Gànlɔdó put this calendar together in the year 6256 (2015 CE) by uniting various oral traditions on time keeping that His Imperial Majesty Axosu Agelogbagan Agbovi I had gathered from various sources in Southern Benin Republic over a two year period. This calendar has been adjusted to modern times without compromising any of its ancient integrity.

The same spirit that inspired the Axosu to adopt the N'ko Mande writing script as the official Afrikan writing system of Gànlɔdó and Afrikan Vodun is the same spirit that has informed the making of the Azanlilɛn Vodun Gànlɔdó. It was the spirit that saw the dire need to bring integrity back to Afrikan traditions. Respected traditions are traditions which have their own languages, writing scripts, foods, culture, and calendars. Why should Vodun not be one? The fact of the matter is that such integrity is not new to Vodún. The problems kicked in under the Nawɔnkúvó - the fall of Afrikan people into sickness and degeneracy ("slave trade") and their "forgetting" a lot of their more ancient and powerful traditions. This term is also used for the captivity period and the resultant post captivity oppression suffered by New Afrikan people at the hands of their enemies – the European yovo (“white” non Afrikans).  

About the Azanlilɛn 

The calendar is composed of 12 months of alternating length. The year starts on the vernal equinox, which starts on the Gregorian date of March 20, 2019. Each of our months starts on the 20th of the Gregorian months. Each month's name appears at the top in N'ko writing script following by its spelling in Latin characters but in the Aja-Fon language. The following are the names of our months with the meaning of their names, the Odù Ifá that governs it, and the precious stone associated with them.


1. Kúlitɔ Elevated Ancestors. Osá Méjì. Amethyst

2. Võto - restoring order. Odù Ifá - Ọ̀kànràn Ìwòrì. Pyrite

3. Hwlεn – delivery. Odù Ifá – Ògúndábede. Yellow Jasper

4. Di- illumination. Odù Ifá – Òfún Ọ̀kànràn. Hematite     

5. Gùfon – rebellion. Odù Ifá – Ìrosùn Ọ̀bàrà. Ammolite

6. Gbésù - divine law. Odù Ifá – Òtúrá Méjì. Turquoise

7. Dokun – wealth. Odù Ifá - Òturúpọn Méjì. Gold

8. Gbogbè - slaying evil spirits. Odù Ifá - Ọ̀kànràn Méjì. Emerald

9. Dekpe – beauty. Odù Ifá – Éjì Ogbè. Amber

10. Dedagbè - good sacred word. Odù Ifá – Ìkà Ọ̀bàrà. Red Coral

11. Jidido – longevity. Odù Ifá - Ọ̀wọ́nrin Òturúpọn. Ruby

12. Flìnsɔgudó – remembering. Odù Ifá – Òfún Ọ̀ṣẹ́. Lapis Lazuli.


Inside look from our first month of Kúlitɔ 


The calendar has all of the special deity ritual days, national days observed by Ganlodo such as Love Week, Charity Week, Oak Day, kwk (katha wa katha - etc, etc in KiBantu or so called KiSwahili) as examples. We have also marked certain key events and certain personages that are relative to the experiences of New Afrikan people such as Marcus Garvey's birthday, the celebration of Nat Turner's Rebellion and others like it, Maroon Day, the persecution of Black Panthers Mark Clark and Fred Hampton, the liberation of Assata Shakur and more. Full and new moon observances are also including.

Of special importance is that inclusion of the the perpetual 9 lunar days or simply, the lunar week called Gba Azan. Gba Azan means revealing days. These are sacred days where certain special rituals and observations are done according to that day. The Gba Azan reveals a calendar within a calendar. Each day has its colors and deities associated with it as well as special chants to be recited on that day from the Holy Ganhumehan. The Azanlilɛn Vodun Gànlɔdó is truly the first and only of its kind. It is the first time that an official Afrikan cultural calendar has been revealed using the ancient culture itself and not based around a European model. This calendar is truly ours with our own real Aja-Fon names for our months, our real Afrikan names for our days of the week, all based on our own real Afrikan Vodun philosophy and concept of time (Check out our 2 part video series where we expound on an Afrikan concept of time in Reviving the Suppressed Higher Teachings of African Vodun). Those that purchase the the calendar will receive a document of further information to be able to properly overstand and use this sacred calendar. 

The Azanlilɛn Vodun Gànlɔdó is made with high grade 100# gloss book stock paper in full color. The calendars are printed from paper obtained from environmentally sustained forests using a waterless printing method that reduces pollution. 

Shipping Note - The calendar can take up to two weeks for delivery.

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