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Thank you for taking your valuable time to explore our publications and other works here at Kilombo Restoration and Healing. We are here to restore the Maroon Kilombo spirit back to its rightful place in the West African Vodun tradition. The root of our works is family development and nation building based solidly in our West African Vodun traditions. Though our focus is West African Vodun, we are 100% in support of the functional use of any of our living African traditions for the sake of obtaining sovereignty. Be sure to check out our new Kilombo Blog here on Kilombo Restoration and Healing where we will explore various aspects of Vodun such as healing, divination, family development, nation building, and economic advancement. 

For us, healing is mental, spiritual and physical. One may ask why the focus on healing. When one contemplates that ingrained trauma imposed on Afrikan people for the past 570 years one will easily see the need for healing. How do we heal? It is our duty at Kilombo Restoration and Healing, as an arm of the Monarchy of Ganlodo, to utilize every aspect of our culture to heal and restore Afrikan people back to their natural state of spirits connectivity. We do this through divination, ritual, counseling, diet, and overall holistic cleansing. We also believe that, to truly heal and elevate, Afrikans must know the enemy without and the enemy within. We say in Yoruba: "Ti ko ba si ọta ninu, ọta laisi ko le bori. If there is no enemy within, the enemy without cannot prevail." Therefore, the primary focus for us is the self. To be self-fortified is to be enemy-fortified. 

Our way of life is based in the Kilombo Paradigm. The Kilombo Paradigm is based upon the Maroon philosophy of obtaining complete sovereignty in every aspect of life essentials for Afrikan people. Our foundational focus is ReAfrikanization, Family Development, and Nation Building. To aid those of you who are not in direct contact with the Monarchy of Ganlodo, we here provide you a comprehensive blog and His Imperial Majesty Axosu Agelogbagan's 21 ground breaking publications on the Isese (Yoruba)  and African Vodun traditions. Once again we welcome you to KRH and welcome back to your natural Afrikan self. 
About the Author

His Imperial Majesty Agelogbgagan Azasinkpatin Jisovi Agbovi is the axosu (king) of the maroon monarchy of Ganlodo. He was born in Mobile,  Alabama. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and SEO Expert and business graduate from Alabama State University. He holds several initiations in the Afrikan priesthood traditions of Afrikan Vodun and Isese (Yoruba culture). In 2010, he became the first and only axosu (king in the Aja-Fon language or Gbe speaking cultures of southern Benin Republic. Some may say "Danxome/Dahomey" king) outside of Benin Republic West Afrika. He is the author of 19 essential works on the culture and functionality of Vodun and Isese. The axosu is of the Garveyite school of doing for the Afrikan self collective and of the Maroon way of life that emphasizes concentrating one's essence on family development and nation building. H.I.M. Axosu Agelogbagan is a prolific bokonon/babalawo (Ifa priest) very well known for his work as an in depth spiritual reader but known profoundly for his work as one of the most known Ifa priests who does Roots Readings (readings that pinpoint where in Afrika one is from, how their ancestors ended up here, the year they came, their clan and family names,  and more). He is a proud father of 3 and a crusader for justice;  having once been a victim of the legal system himself. 
His Imperial Majesty Axosu Àgèlògbàgàn is a direct descendant of the Jisovi family who founded Xwelengbosu, the Royal House of the Ram, in the year 5533 AX (1391 AD) in the ancient Gbe-speaking and pre-Danxome (Dahomey) monarchy of Xevie located in Southern Benin Republic West Afrika. He is a King of action and reformation. 
Important Note Concerning Our Location: 
Many have inquired as to where is our physical location. We will start by saying that our videos, sites and publications are for the education of those who want to learn true Vodun culture. When you look at such, this may give a feeling of assumed accessibility. However, we are not like your average ile (Yoruba house/temple), Akan or Vodun house in Amerikkka. We are a Maroon monarchy. If you study maroon societies, you will know that they survived, in tact, and the longest, when they did not give out their direct locations. When a person wanted to know where a Maroon society was, they had to be tested and tried before being taken to the outer door of the Maroon society. This was so that they may maintain their sovereignty. When they became lax on this (like how Zumba of the kilombo/maroon society of Palmares in Brazil did), is when they lost their sovereignty, were killed and many times put into European captivity. 
Therefore, it is through timely and tested communication between the public and us that privileged information will be shared. The above is why we do not give out our location, and ultimately the Fa oracle has the final say so on such. If you are an Afrikan who overstands the state of war we are in, then we are very sure you overstand. Contact us at info@ganlodo.com
To visit the Ganlodo Maroon Monarchy's website visit Ganlodo Kilombonu Xotome (Ganlodo Maroon Monarchy) >>> 
To visit the YouTube channel go to Ganlodo YouTube Channel >>>
Family crest of the Jisovi family
Personal royal coat of arms (crest) of His Majesty Axosu Agelogbagan Jisovi Agbovi I