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Thank you for taking your valuable time to explore our publications and other works here at Kilombo Restoration and Healing. We are here to restore the Maroon Kilombo spirit back to its rightful place in the West African Vodun tradition. The root of our works is family development and nation building based solidly in our West African Vodun traditions. Though our focus is West African Vodun, we are in 100% in support of the functional use of any of our living African traditions for the sake of obtaining sovereignty. Be sure to check out our new Kilombo Blog here on Kilombo Restoration and Healing where we will explore various aspects of Vodun such as healing, divination, family development, nation building, and economic advancement. 

For us, healing is mental, spiritual and physical. One may ask why the focus on healing. When one contemplates that ingrained trauma imposed on Afrikan people for the past 570 years one will easily see the need for healing. How do we heal? It is our duty at Kilombo Restoration and Healing, as an adm of the Monarchy of Ganlodo, to utilize every aspect of our culture to heal and restore Afrikan people back to their natural state of spirits connectivity. We do this through divination, ritual, counseling, diet, and overall holistic cleansing. We also believe that, to truly heal and elevate, Afrikans must know the enemy without and the enemy within. We say in Yoruba: "Ti ko ba si ọta ninu, ọta laisi ko le bori. If there is no enemy within, the enemy without cannot prevail." Therefore, the primary focus for us is the self. To be self-fortified is to be enemy-fortified. 
Our way of life is based in the Kilombo Paradigm. The Kilombo Paradigm is based upon the Maroon philosophy of obtaining complete sovereignty in every aspect of life essentials for Afrikan people. Our foundational focus is ReAfrikanization, Family Development, and Nation Building. To aid those of you who are not in direct contact with the Monarchy of Ganlodo, we here provide you a comprehensive blog and HRM Axosu Agelogbagan's 17 ground breaking publications on the Isese (Yoruba)  and African Vodun traditions. Once again we welcome you to KRH and welcome back to your natural Afrikan self.